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Oak Hex Sign
We are a small family business in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. We were raised in the Dutch tradition when there use to be beautiful hex signs on most the barns around the area that are now forever gone. We are bringing back the tradition of our ancestors in building fine Dutch furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Quality is more important to us then quantity and some minor preventive maintenance on your part may be required in order to keep your wood products looking like the day you purchased it. We do use modern tools to make our products for efficency and to extend our quality. We would like to hear from you on any ideas that you may have and just drop a line to let us know how we are doing. Your feedback is important to us and welcome any suggestion that you have. Thank you for reading about our background and hope you choose to try some of our fine Pennsylvania Dutch products.

A little History of how we started

First Product
Here is where it all started. My wife seen this in a ad and asked me if I could build it. I call this table "Redneck" because it wasn't cleaned up and sanded. The folding picnic tables I build now has gone through a lot of modifications since then. I beefed it up a bit and took out any pinch points that could possibly cause some painful smashing of fingers. I incorporated a handle so that you could get a good grip on it to unfold it. Since I decided to retire, I figure this will keep me active. I have built quite a few of them and started out giving them to friends and family for Christmas presents and other special occasions. I have expanded and built a porch swing at a request and was left stuck with it, so since I don't have a porch I started building a stand for it, but I think my wife wanted it anyway. I have so far enlisted my son into the business and off we go. My father built most of his own furniture even a boat. (funny story about that). He use to visit with some of the Amish to keep his dutch up so he wouldn't lose it. All us kids pretty much lost it except some words we remember from getting in trouble. ha ha. I guess we are going to go full speed with this and hopefully bring back the tradition that my father had done for many years.

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